Protect your family by understanding your options for quality health insurance

Why health insurance? We know we don't have to sell you on the idea of having a good health insurance plan. You probably know someone who has delayed or skipped medical treatment because they couldn't afford it.

And no wonder! A heart valve replacement averages more than $177,000 in the Southeastern United States. A hip replacement is about $100,000 (according to Companion Global Healthcare). Heck, having strep throat could set you back hundreds of dollars after the office visit, lab test and prescription - if you don't have health insurance. We are here to help you find coverage to fix that broken leg that doesn't break the bank.

Understand your options

Whether you have group health insurance through work or an individual health plan you buy on your own, offers a wealth of advice on health insurance plans. follows the latest health insurance news to make sure you'reable to choose the best policy, save money and make successful claims. Additionally, as the provisions of health care reform roll out, we'll be keeping you up to date on what the changes mean for your family and your pocketbook.

Save money on health insurance

Whether you are in the market for affordable health insurance or for Medicare, we offer access to free personalized quotes from the top-rated companies nationwide. Our proprietary matching software helps us find you the right health insurance and Medicare quotes at the right prices; and with companies competing for your business, you will emerge the winner.