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Why home insurance? Kitchen fires, tornados, hail, lightning, burst pipes . . . home damage can come from an alarming number of sources. If you are a homeowner, won't you sleep better at night knowing that a stroke of terrible luck won't lead to your financial ruin?
Home insurance is your safety net: If you have to use it, it means something pretty serious has happened. Think about the cost of rebuilding your house, replacing your belongings, or paying the legal fees for a lawsuit brought by someone who claims they were injured on your property. Your home insurance policy can save you from financial disaster while protecting your greatest single investment.

Understand your options has developed an unparalleled expertise in keeping our readers on top of home insurance trends and pricing. Deciding on your policy options-which carrier to use, how muchcoverage to get-can be confusing and mistakes can be costly. We have read the fine print on hundreds of home insurance policies and translated it into easily digestible articles that arm you with information. In the insurance business, information is power. We are here to empower you to save time and money and sleep better at night.

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